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ilulissat water taxi
Davey Awards 2016 silver


Be the Captain on Earths Coolest Taxi, Ilulissat Water Taxi.

Sail around in the sea filled with ice, boats, whales and other objects.

Your mission is simple, but hard to master: Sail your water taxi and don’t hit anything and collect coins to beat your friends with your score.

Are you ready to become the best 8 bit captain on Ilulissat Water Taxi?


You can download the game for free from:


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Ilulissat Water Taxi is addictive! This game is simple yet challenging. The closest game I can think of with an equal challenge is Structure. This is a great bathroom game that will quickly take over your daily full time. I love the 8 bit style graphics! They remind me of the old Nintendo days (think Battle Roads racing sequences). So does the challenge, it is an unforgiving game. After a short time I grew to love the simplicity (you only get one life) of the game. One thing to be careful of is paying enough attention to where you are sailing while admiring the obstacles. The game seems to be procedurally generated; I haven’t noticed any repeat patters or starting points, so it stays fresh and a constant challenge. In an age of games that are designed to nickel and dime you to death with micro-transactions, Ilulissat Water Taxi is a definite breath of fresh air.

The Real Ilulissat Water Taxi

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