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Structure is a easy game to play but hard to master.
Stack up the blocks as high as you can! Concentration is the key to success. Tap the screen to line up blocks as they change in speed.

Can you beat your friends?
Are you the Structure Master?


You can download the game for free from:


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Structure is a simple yet elegant game. The premise is simple, use timing to stop the blocks as they move past each other to create a tower. The catch is that unless you time your stop perfectly you lose part of your surface area as you move to the next building level. I downloaded this as a bathroom game to kill some time. What I was not expecting was to get sucked into it for hours. The timing of the block movement changes slightly between blocks, meaning you have to pay close attention as you build your tower. Sometimes you’ll get lulled into a timing pattern then it speeds up on you, which can lead to disaster. I also love that with one click from the main menu you can see how you stack up against other players. This game is deceptively difficult and will give you many hours of entertainment.