Snakey - Crazy Snake Challenge

Endless & addictive snake run challenging game to play by avoiding hitting & crashing with blocks.

“Do you remember the snake game in the old Nokia phones. According to me, that was the starting point of gaming in mobile devices. This awesome team of developers of Greenland have come up with a unique twist in our old game and that’s Snakey.” AppsThunder Review.


“By neatly analyzing the classic gameplay, timing and controls, this Snakey is a perfect remake of the old game with a blend of the modern gaming elements.” Apps400 Review.


Aimed to provide endless fun and thrill, this game forms an ultimate addiction to all of any age at extremely free of cost!


The game has the following modes:
* Mission – In this mode, you are given different missions to play like, cover 50 meters, 75 meters without hitting any blocks. In each stage, the length increases so as your addiction!

* Challenging – Here, you have to collect a certain number of coins. It is the next level of expertise. Here you have to be extra careful while collecting coins because blocks are always there to hit.
* Impossible – The craziest level of gameplay. As the name implies, it seems quite impossible for beginners. With reduced visibility and increased speed, the snake crawl becomes crazy and thus boosts the game madness!
* Dark – The snake has to crawl in darkness. Not complete darkness but the visible region is restricted to a small round. Another thrilling mode for adventure lovers.
* Speedy – The challenging mode of the game. Only a pro gamer can make a move in this mode. Specially made for the extreme.
* Endless – Unlimited snake run version with no extra missions or challenges.


How to play?
– Install Snakey game.
– From the home page, select your favorite mode of play.
– The snake starts crawling.
– Several blocks and coins will come on the way.
– Tap on the left screen to go left.
– Tap on the right screen to go right.


* Intuitive HD graphics
* Vibrant colors & gameplay!
* Smooth & sleek Two-Touch Control!
* Several game modes to play with!


With intuitive HD and exciting music, the snake game gives you an amazing time passing. A perfect arcade running game for kids, adults, and family. Invite your friends to the game to make this addictive running game more interesting. Share your score, compete and enjoy.